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Create your personal profile and let people know who you are and what you do. Upload samples of your music, videos from your gigs, your articles, and scores of your compositions and arrangements for people to see and share. Create profiles for your groups and advertise your upcoming concerts and events.

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Need a virtuoso accordion player, or a coloratura soprano based in Glasgow? Trying to build a new ensemble, or want to join a pre-existing one? Find the musicians you are missing for your next project with our musician finder. Expand your network with composers, choirs, and event organisers. Exchange opinions and discuss current trends or events in our communities and forums. Explore the local community of your city and find what's going on close to home, or in the cities you are visiting.

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Find venues for your gigs, advertise your concerts and group merchandise to expand your fan base, and get reviews of your performances from fans and colleagues. Be informed of upcoming music festivals and competitions to participate in or attend through your genre, instrument or location communities. Find new and established groups to represent, or feature at your venue.

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Thinking of learning a new skill or refining a pre-existing one? Find courses, masterclasses or a tutor in your area, or advertise your own teaching skills and find new students to inspire. Use our Q&A forums to get advice from experts in your field, find new study or teaching material, and be the best you can be.

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Melodious.me is an invitation-only, music-oriented global community. We welcome music professionals, music-related professionals and also fans and enthusiasts of all genres, and we are free to use. So what’s it it for you? You are a...:

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Professional Musician

Whether a bass guitarist, a sitar player or an opera singer, as a musician melodious.me gives you the opportunity to:

  • expand your professional network
  • recruit new musicians or be recruited yourself
  • join or form new ensembles
  • advertise your upcoming gigs and events, your group merchandise and expand your fan base
  • stay informed about festivals, competitions and other events in your genre, location or other communities
  • advertise your teaching practice and get new students
  • discuss current trends and events in our Q&A forums
  • get feedback and reviews from colleagues and fans on your performances
  • buy or sell music and music-related merchandise in our marketplace

Music-related professional

Are you a photographer, agent, web-developer, sound engineer, instrument maker, careers-advisor or other music-related professional? Here on melodious.me, you can:

  • advertise your services to professional musicians and music enthusiasts, who can also easily find you through our convenient search functions
  • find interesting groups or musicians to work with, represent or feature
  • stay informed about upcoming music events to participate in

Music enthusiast or fan

Melodious.me gives you the chance to:

  • take advantage of our Q&A forums, where you can receive advice from the community on diverse subjects
  • stay informed of upcoming concerts, festivals and events in your location or genre of interest
  • follow musicians and groups, be the first to know what they are up to, and write comments or reviews on their performances
  • buy or sell instruments, music and merchandise in our marketplace
  • find events, festivals and communities to attend or participate in
  • meet new friends who share your love for music